SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileIn general, I have an endless appetite for cover versions of great songs, but I’m still not sure how I feel about my latest discovery. It comes courtesy of easy listening golden boy, Ally McBeal fave and Emmy telecast live mash up master Josh Groban.It seems that while participating in Neil Young’s annual Bridge School benefit concert, sweet young Groban decided to add a little more CanCon to his repertoire. His (rather surprising) selection: a soaring, shivery ballad called Changing Colours, originally by underrated Toronto art folk ensemble Great Lake Swimmers.On the one hand, the piano stroking crooner’s shout out (or, er, sing out) will bring considerable exposure to GLS, who, I’d wager, are still largely unknown within the vast Josh Groban fan base.

The Thorns have reached at least the playoff semifinals in three of the four seasons since the NWSL was founded, claiming the championship in 2013. That’s in no small part to their advantage at Providence Park, where they have lost only five times since 2015 and own an all time record of 28 13 8 in league play. This season the Thorns are 3 1 1 at home and4 3 2 overall (15 points), in fourth place in the 10 team NWSL standings heading into Saturday’s game at Washington (2 5 2, eight points)..

If love doesn’t matter if you are old or not, why marriage should based on that? The idea of getting married for the fear of getting too old is not rational. When you just foolishly get married to someone because you are scared of getting too old, you may encounter serious problems in your relationship after getting married. Before you get married to someone, try to know to whom you getting married.

Indeed, they were not very cleanly; for they would have wallowed in their own excrements, if they had not been prevented. A thousand such simple tricks they played, and after eleven days returned themselves again, not remembering anything that had passed.dalhectar 1 point submitted 6 days agoPart of the problem is that many schools were lacking in the AP department. Karmas at least claimed to want to work on that.The launch of “AP 4 All,” which would ensure that all high schools at least offer Advanced Placement courses in calculus, literature, biology and Spanish.Having magnet programs allows students access to classes in schools they weren geographically zoned for without offering all 38 AP courses in every school.

Now we need to create the ‘down’ script. Copy and paste this text into the document: !/bin/sh BR=$1 DEV=$2 /sbin/brctl delif $BR $DEV /sbin/ifconfig $DEV down Once finished press Control + O to save changes and Control + X to exit. Finally we need to make the scripts executable.

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